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“To Members All Around the World”
December 23, 2021

On February 4, 1950, Meishu-sama became the Kyoshu of our Church.

On February 10, 1955, although Meishu-sama left the earth, he expressed his will that Nidai-sama, the second spiritual leader, continue his work.

The holy seat of Kyoshu that Meishu-sama entrusted to Nidai-sama was then succeeded by Sandai-sama, the third spiritual leader.

The fact that we have long been using the terms Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama, that is, the second and third spiritual leaders, is the very proof that we regard Meishu-sama as the first spiritual leader.

I am humbled to have succeeded the holy seat of Kyoshu after Meishu-sama, the first spiritual leader, then Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama.


Nidai-sama said the following:


After Meishu-sama made his ascension, it is not as if he went to a faraway place. He is right here with me. He is right here on the holy seat of Kyoshu.

As the word Kyoshu literally indicates, it means the “master of the teachings.” During Meishu-sama’s lifetime, he was the founder of the religion and Kyoshu at the same time. The paramount leader and person responsible for how to guide and educate the members is the Kyoshu of that time. In other words, Kyoshu decides how to interpret, compile, unify and disseminate the teachings.

Now that he has ascended, Meishu-sama’s soul is always well-attached to me; he is always behind me. Know this everyone: What I say is what Meishu-sama says. The direction that I indicate is the direction that Meishu-sama indicates. For anyone who cannot stand listening to it, Meishu-sama has no other choice but to cut those ties. Their fate is to naturally leave the Church. But I earnestly pray that this does not happen.


Nidai-sama continues:


If you do not recognize Kyoshu, you cannot be called a person of the Church.


This is what Nidai-sama taught us.

How firm and resolute was the will of Nidai-sama, who was determined to inherit Meishu-sama’s divine work no matter what. How unshakable was her mind. Coming into contact with these words of Nidai-sama, who was so well aware of the gravity of her responsibility, makes me, the fourth spiritual leader, reflect deeply on my attitude toward the divine work of Meishu-sama.

As the current Kyoshu, it is my duty to receive the will of Meishu-sama on your behalf and communicate it to you. That is the task I am required to fulfill; that was the task that Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama were required to fulfill, too.

No matter what hardship and accusations await me, no matter what happens, I cannot go against the will of Meishu-sama. That would mean to betray Meishu-sama and to betray Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama, who inherited the sacred work of Meishu-sama.

I truly wish that many people receive the will of Meishu-sama together with me. And just like Nidai-sama, I earnestly pray that people will not leave the true Church of Meishu-sama, that is, leave Meishu-sama himself, by rejecting his will as some have already done.


Next year, on June 15, 2022, I have decided to hold the Grand Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah.

Sixty-eight years have passed since Meishu-sama first held the Provisional Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah. In the history of our Church, the actual Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah has not been held to this day.

I am sincerely looking forward to welcoming this historic day together with each one of you.

To all of you, members around the world: Although I cannot meet you face to face very often, allow me to express my deepest gratitude to you for walking on this path of Meishu-sama’s true faith together with me this entire year. And may the coming new year be a fruitful one for you, filled with grace and comfort.

Thank you very much.

Muito obrigado.

This post is also available in: 日本語 Português

This post is also available in: 日本語 Português