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Happy New Year, everyone.

In deep awe and fear of God, I say that we have been made into ones who are aware that a soul dwells within us—a soul that is engraved with the name of Messiah, the name most holy and high and the name of the child of God the Father, who is one and only.

We have also been made into ones who believe that God uses and nurtures us in order to accomplish His purpose of creation, that is, His purpose to bear His very own children, and that, following that purpose of God, Meishu-sama was born anew as the Messiah and is serving God in unity with Jesus who is the Christ, the Messiah.

As we start this glorious new year, let us, in the name of World Church of Messiah, offer our New Year greeting to Meishu-sama, who always gives us the power to move forward with courage and hope.

Happy New Year, Meishu-sama!


At last, we enter a new year.

I strongly feel that Meishu-sama continuously encourages us to be truly new beings.

Meishu-sama founded World Church of Messiah “under a new direction and objective,” saying, “My World Church of Messiah is the newest of all the religions.” He also said, “The old world is now going to end here, and a new world will be constructed. My job can be described as the midwife.”

In the Sacred Word “Be new, always,” Meishu-sama wrote, “Everyone must aim to improve always. This is even more so for people of faith.”

Meishu-sama emphasized repeatedly that to be new means for you to make “a hundred and eighty degree turn.”

What then is “a hundred and eighty degree turn”? It is to believe that God lives within us and to turn our hearts to Him.

To believe that God lives within us is to believe that heaven exists within us—heaven that is the origin of us and all that exists.

In heaven, God already completed His work of forgiving all humanity, delivering it from darkness and welcoming it into His glorious heaven. In heaven, He already completed all the works necessary for bearing His own children. It is only then that He started the work of creating the whole universe, and now, God is carrying out an everlasting work of creation.

Look at these hymns of Meishu-sama:

“The plan of God had already been accomplished / So quietly that / No one was able to perceive it with their eyes.”

“Even though it cannot be seen with human eyes, / The plan of God is already accomplished / In the spiritual world!”

Meishu-sama also said that human history takes the course already predetermined by God at the time of Creation.

Through these Sacred Word, Meishu-sama is trying to make us realize that the will of God was already completed in heaven, well before we were born on earth.

We were able to put an end to our old ways of doing things only because God already predetermined it in His will of creation in heaven.

We were able to receive the grace of the atonement, forgiveness and salvation, know the Transition from Night to Day that Meishu-sama declared and be welcomed into the life of an entirely new creation only because God already predetermined it in His will of creation in heaven.

This “predetermined program of God” that Meishu-sama speaks of is God’s will of creation, filled with His boundless love, His light and His eternal life.

Everything that we call new exists in God’s will of creation.

Since we initially existed in heaven, the origin of creation, the predetermined program of God must be within each one of us.

And just as the spiritual precedes the physical, the works that have been accomplished in heaven will undoubtedly be accomplished on this earth, too.

We who are a part of earth need to admit that we were born on earth only because God bore us in heaven first. We then need to return to that heaven through the name of Messiah as ones who have been atoned for, forgiven and saved, surrender ourselves to God and be one with Him. That is, we need to achieve what Meishu-sama called “the union of the spiritual and the physical.”

In this way, following in the footsteps of Meishu-sama, let us turn into truly new beings and walk further on this path of being born anew as Messiahs.


Now, although I suspect that many of you already know this, let me say it to you with renewed determination and humility. Receiving the permission from Lord God and Meishu-sama, I have decided that we will hold on June 15 of this year the Grand Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah.

Sixty-eight years ago, on June 15, 1954, Meishu-sama held the Provisional Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah. And now, we will hold the actual ceremony for the first time since then.

Leading up to the day of this celebration, let us reflect deeply on the significance of Meishu-sama being born anew as the Messiah. Let us also give our utmost in serving in the work of creating a new future so that Meishu-sama can be truly joyful on the day of the celebration.

May boundless grace and comfort be with all of you who devote yourselves to the true divine work of Meishu-sama.

Thank you very much.

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