Meishu-sama’s Hymns


How pitiful are those who do not know God!
They survive only until the end of days comes.


The precious, divine and holy body of God has already appeared.
But it cannot be seen by dull, human eyes.


There are no existences in the world
More unfortunate than those who are blind.
For they have no clue of
The treasure so close to them.


How pitiful are those who are blind.
Even though I show them the power of God,
They cannot see it.


Conflict? Illness? Poverty?
If you come, come.
You are nothing to me—
I who receive the power of God in my body!

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“Sermon at the Grand Spring Service on March 23, 1953”

Who performs miracles? It is God, of course. But what good is it if we just say “Oh, how wonderful!” or “Wow, it’s a miracle—so extraordinary and mysterious!” without giving it much thought? I tell you that there is a divine purpose for why God performs miracles. What is it? It is for God to make us acknowledge the Spirit and let the Spirit be known to us. So once you come to know the Spirit, you no longer need to use the word miracle. For it is not a miracle anymore but a natural phenomenon. It is only because you do not acknowledge the Spirit that those strange and mysterious things take place. . . . Miracles, in short, are simply the first step for us to know the Spirit.

A Collection of Teachings
, no. 20
(Excerpt from the sermon)

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