Know this all members: Johrei is not so important anymore. From now on, we enter the world of sonen. Pray in your hearts. All this means that you have to awaken to the divine hand of God that exists within all human beings.


What is the divine will for all humankind at this time of the coming Great Judgment? I tell you that it is to save as many people as possible through His love. Remember everyone—God is the one who executes the Judgment and has command over all human lives. Therefore, in order to overcome the dire situation we are in, the only way out is to implore God, dive into His saving hand and be forgiven of our sins. Our sins have accumulated so much to the extent that we cannot carry their burdens by ourselves anymore. It is only through the power of God’s saving hand that our sins can be removed and cleansed. I reiterate. This is the only choice left for us.

“Repent, for the end of night is at hand”
December 31, 1949



You must accept the true meaning of Johrei.

For that, let us look at what Meishu-sama said on Johrei in his last years.

Even though Meishu-sama was not able to speak much after he collapsed from the brain hemorrhage on April 19, 1954, Rev. Motokichi Inoue, the chief secretary of Meishu-sama as well as the secretary of the Church, wrote down what was happening to Meishu-sama at the time.

Rev. Inoue wrote the following on April 28, 1954:

It happened on the 19th. From the purification, his right arm and leg were affected. Perceiving the immeasurable blessing of the matter, Meishu-sama cried so hard out of joy. Meishu-sama practices Johrei every day. He does not raise his hand; he does it through sonen. Meishu-sama said to me: “There have been things that made me happy up until today, but they did not bring me true joy. This time, the happiness I feel is beyond words. This purification is related to Christianity in particular.”


Rev. Inoue also wrote:

Meishu-sama said to me: “From now on, I will do everything with words and sonen. From now on, apology will not be enough—you need to repent. Repent and express this to God through your sonen. Then, you will be forgiven.”


And still further:

Every day, Meishu-sama ministers Johrei to his right hand and leg. But he does not raise his left hand. Rather, he does it through sonen.


These are the records from Meishu-sama’s secretary during that time.

Let me also touch on an article in Heaven on Earth, no. 68, published on March 15, 1955, right after Meishu-sama passed away. The article is entitled “Attendants at Hekiun-so gather,” in which the attendants who lived with Meishu-sama at his residence, Hekiun-so, reminisced about Meishu-sama.

One of them said:

Soon after Meishu-sama received the purification, he said, “From now on, we enter the world of sonen. Johrei is not so important anymore. Sonen comes first, so pray in your hearts.” He said this repeatedly.


She also went on to say:

Meishu-sama has been telling us to ask for his Johrei whenever one of us gets a purification. But the following happened after Meishu-sama received his purification. One day, I was not feeling well and wanted to ask Meishu-sama for his Johrei. Since I needed to bring to Meishu-sama all the telegrams asking for his prayer, I waited for the appropriate time to go, when he was in good condition. I managed to find the right time, so I asked him for Johrei. Then, Meishu-sama said to me, “It is different from before. From here on, sonen is particularly important,” and scolded me very harshly [without ministering Johrei].


Another attendant shared the following episode:

I learned that sonen was really important when I burned my face in Hakone. As someone was saying just now, before I could go to Ms. Higuchi’s place, I received Johrei from Rev. Abe and many others. But even so, the apron I used to cover my face became stuck to the wound and would not come off. Since I looked quite miserable, everyone told me to ask Meishu-sama for his Johrei. But I hesitated since he was purifying, and in any case, I wanted to know Ms. Higuchi’s opinion. So I sent someone to Kanzan-tei where Meishu-sama and Ms. Higuchi were. And just around the time my messenger arrived at Kanzan-tei, my burn started to heal. After a while, my face healed completely.


To this, Ms. Higuchi said:

Yes, that’s it. I reported everything that happened to your face to Meishu-sama on the next day. I told him that we all prayed in our hearts together and that you received Rev. Abe’s Johrei. I told him that now the state of your face was even better than before the burn. Meishu-sama said to me, “That’s the only example I am going to leave with you.” What a blessing this is.


So this was what happened: An attendant of Meishu-sama had a burn on her face. Everyone prayed in their hearts through sonen. The burn was healed. To that, Meishu-sama said, “That’s the only example I am going to leave with you.” Yes, she did receive Johrei from Rev. Abe. But if Meishu-sama was trying to tell us that the burn was healed through Johrei, would he have said, “That’s the only example I am going to leave with you”? No, he wouldn’t. He definitely wouldn’t.

Membership Meeting in Gifu
October 21, 2018


With His grace and authority, God is now exercising His power in full swing within us.

He is now extending His saving hand to all the people in the world whose hearts are filled with anxiety and worry. God is now ministering His Johrei to us, welcoming everything into His hand through forgiving all of what humanity has committed to this day. God is now remaking all creation anew.

Within us, the forgiveness of God exists. This forgiveness of God is the foundation of the divine revelation of the transition from night to day.

Within us, the Church bearing the name of Messiah exists. This Church atones for, purifies, saves and revives everything.

Let us recognize that the forgiveness of God and the Church bearing the name of Messiah exist within us. Let us, by each one of our own wills, accept the forgiveness of God embedded in the name of Messiah just as Meishu-sama did. Let us, together with many people and all creation, return to heaven and surrender all into the saving hand of God. For now is the time to serve in this work.

Within us, God’s hand of Johrei exists!

There is not a single moment when we are not used in God’s divine work of Johrei.

World Church of Messiah – Paradise on Earth Service
June 15, 2020



If you want to do Purifying Therapy or if you want to practice Johrei using the hand, why don’t you leave Meishu-sama right now? Why don’t you leave Meishu-sama like those who left him when he dissolved Japanese Purifying Therapy Promotion Association? You can simply tell Meishu-sama, “‘Sonen’? ‘Johrei is not so important anymore’? That’s not what I want, Meishu-sama,” and leave him. Then, maybe you can establish an organization that specializes in the Johrei of raising one’s hand. You can be a founder. Why don’t you do that?

Or, under Kyoshu-sama, you can stay with Meishu-sama to the end. The time has come for you to decide. So, choose.

World Church of Messiah – Grand Autumn Service
October 2, 2021


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