Meishu-sama’s Hymns


Everyone, you must bear this in mind:
The human body is created by God,
Not by humans.


I will create those who fear God and
Keep the right path,
For this is my mission.


The one who possesses the almighty power is God.
He is known to us as Jehovah (Yahweh),
And there is no other God besides Him!


No matter how much
Wisdom and education you have,
You can never grasp
The depth of the depths of God’s plan.


Human eyes cannot see
What lies ahead, not even an inch.
Rely, we must,
On God only—
On His protection.

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“On atheism”


Why was I born? Why am I here? How long can I live? Will I be reduced to nothing when I die? Or will I live and settle in an unknown world known to us as the spiritual world? The more you think about these questions, the more confused you are. To be honest, is there anyone who knows the answer to any of these questions? The natural world, truly, is existent yet nonexistent, nonexistent yet existent, just as the Buddhist monks say. It is limitlessly vast with no beginning or end—I have no other way to describe it. Over the last several thousands of years, humanity has been trying to reveal the wonders of the natural world especially through various branches of knowledge. Nevertheless, we comprehend only a tiny fraction of it—most of it remains a mystery. When compared with the greatness of the natural world, human wisdom is like a droplet in the ocean. The natural world, really, is beyond human wisdom and comprehension as the Buddhist monks say. Despite all this, how conceited are these things called human beings. Have they no shame when they say they are going to conquer the natural world? They are nothing but fools who do not know their place. Humans must understand who they really are, follow and obey the natural world, and be bathed in its blessings. This, I say, is the wise thing to do.

Having said that, in this world where everything is a mystery, there is one thing for certain. What is it? There must be someone who created this marvelous world and freely uses it at will. Who could this be? Every household has its head. Every nation has its monarch, president or the like. It follows from this that this great world also has its master. Who is it? It is none other than X who is called by the name of God. What other conclusion is there?

If there is no God, nothing exists, including, yes, you, the atheists. Is anything more obvious than this? If a human being does not understand this, then that human being must be an animal, for animals do not possess volition or wisdom. These kinds of people must be animals in the shape of humans. Let me prove it to you. Think about criminals. They do not believe in God, and in most cases, their mindset is animal-like. Now, my mission is to remove the animality from these animal-like humans and turn them into true humans. To this end, what is required the most is the demolition of atheism. What I am working on, in short, is a project to reform humans.

, no. 242, January 6, 1954
(Excerpt from the article)

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