Meishu-sama’s Hymns


These days,

My heart is pounding with expectation,

For the day is approaching

When my dream comes true!



This year’s auspicious day has arrived.

Now then,

Let me buckle down and set off into a new year!


The age of darkness must have already ended.

For the sun—the glorious light of salvation—has finally dawned!


How great is Your plan, O God!

Now, at this very moment,

All creation will be renewed!


Wait, my followers.

I tell you: wait just a bit more—

A happiness that you never even dreamed of is approaching!

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“Sermon in March 1949”

There is only one thing you have to keep in mind. That is, you have to set the following firmly and deeply in your heart: “I will make this church grow no matter what. I will make this church big no matter what.” To have this attitude is fundamental. The worst are those who think, “I am no good.” Rather, think, “Everyone is the same. If others can do it, I definitely can. I may stumble sometimes. I may be ridiculed. But I am never going to give up. I will see it through no matter what happens.” Those with this mindset can make their churches grow. I have this mindset, too. So don’t give up just because you stumble once. People say you have to be a good loser. Well, for some things, yes. But for certain things, no—you should never give up on those things. So I say, for bad things, be a good loser and give up easily; for good things, don’t be a good loser and never give up. People often introduce someone to me, saying, “This person is really commendable. To start with, he is free from desire.” This is so strange. I say it is no good if you have no desire, for you have to have desire for certain things. Do you know who desires the most? It is God, for God wants to save the whole world. There’s no greater desire than this, is there?

Sermons of Light
, no. 8

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