O Meishu-sama,

You taught us that

In this world,

There is no treasure above honesty.


You, O God,

Draw near to us

To get hold of the treasure of honesty.


I think to myself,

What God desires from us is honesty,

Not concealment.


What a blessing it is!

You, O God, are trying to set me free—

I who stubbornly close my heart!


O God,

I step forth into Your presence with my heart open—

You who granted us the divine blessing!


I realized how arrogant and haughty I am.

I need to report this to God,

With honesty.


God sees through the hearts of all human beings.

He knows everything we think and feel.

Yes. Everything.


The way we speak.

The tone of our voice.

Through those, God senses what we truly think and feel.

And that is what He harvests.


No matter how well and smoothly you speak,

God knows what you are actually thinking in your heart.


Whether you are being honest or not—

The one who decides this is God

Who nurtures and trains you.


Those who controlled the world

Through deceit, falsehood and lies

Now have completely lost their power.


O God,

We will now acknowledge that

We are already atoned for and forgiven,

And dive into Your heart!

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