Meishu-sama’s Hymns


It is light!

Ah, it is light!

The light of the God of the sun

Has already started to rise!


How joyful it is

That the just world

Where the good rejoice

And the evil lament

Has arrived!


Those with no guts, no courage

Have no faith in God.

For them,

What is good or bad easily changes

Depending on their external circumstances.


Those who try to save their own lives

Perish instead.

Oh, how there are so many of them today!


Pitiful are those who are blind.

They look at hell and mistake it for heaven.

They are even satisfied with it.


We live in the world

Where light shines and envelops all.

How should there be any blemish or impurity?

There should not.


The human world has already come to an end.

The era of God that I have long been waiting for

Is finally here!

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“Banishment of evil”

When you divide the world into good and evil, evil easily outweighs good, so much so that we do not even know how much more profuse evil is compared to good. Accordingly, if you are to calculate the damage, cost or uneasiness caused by evil, it is not possible to even estimate the enormous loss that individuals and society suffer from it. It follows from this that the success of the advancement of culture and the construction of a new Japan depends on the amount of evil there is. Here are my thoughts on the matter: The success or failure of every single issue depends on the amount of good and evil. In this sense, the focus of politicians, educators and intellectuals should be on reducing and eliminating evil—there is no other good way. What exactly is this good way? It is to have right and just faith.

Miscellany on Faith
, September 5, 1948
(Excerpt from the article)

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