He knows.


Let me tell you why any wrongdoing will be exposed without fail. The most crucial point is that yes, it is true that you might be able to trick the eyes of others, but no, you cannot trick your own eyes. No matter how hard you try to hide something from others, you cannot hide it from yourself. Any wrongdoing, therefore, is already exposed to yourself.

“Why any evil will be exposed”
December 26, 1951



We sometimes have thoughts like “People don’t know this.” But in truth, God knows everything, right? But then again, we think that “God doesn’t know this,” as if God does not exist, as if He is not alive.

In his hymn, Meishu-sama wrote,

“Happy are those / Who know that, / While human eyes might be deceived, / God’s eyes can never be deceived.”

Meishu-sama is saying that we cannot deceive the eyes of God.

In another hymn, Meishu-sama wrote,

“Yes, it is true that / You may be able to cover others’ eyes / But you can never conceal anything from your own.”

You cannot cover your own eyes. Even if you do something inhumane or inappropriate behind someone’s back and think that no one will know, you yourself will know. If you know something, God who lives within you of course knows it, too.

We may think, “God doesn’t know this” or “There’s no way God knows all of this” or “I have to hide this from God.” But actually, we know that He knows everything, right? Of course He does. For each of us is an embodiment of God. How can He not know?

But we humans think that we can separate ourselves from God, utilize Him in a way that we see fit and that we can trick Him. Within us, don’t we have this kind of arrogant and disrespectful attitude toward God?

This time, through all the things that the directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo did, like the secretly following and filming, and through the unthinkable attitude that many Churches around the world took, God was trying to tell us that He forgave our unforgivable attitude toward Him. He forgave it and welcomed it back into His heaven. What a blessing this is. We cannot go on living without God’s forgiveness, right? Living your life simply trying to be a good person is not enough, and it will take you nowhere. . . .

Having said that, even though God forgave everything, it does not mean that you should accept or tolerate an act of, say, secretly following and filming someone. If someone starts to say, “Since everything is forgiven, we can do anything. We can commit any crime,” you can see how this kind of thinking is unacceptable and erroneous.

Meeting with Member Representatives
November 23, 2017



As you know this from the story of Adam and Eve, we were naked at first. Then, we acquired our sense of self and became this “I.” Once you became an individual with your own sense of self, with your own sense of “I,” you started to think that being naked was something shameful and concealed your body with clothes. This process was all fine, but do you know what stage we are in at this moment? Now, it is time for us to remove our clothes, be naked and return to God. And this is something we are struggling with. We are trying so hard to come up with excuses not to take off our clothes. But actually, we are already naked before God. It is only us who think we can still put on appearances before God. We are like the naked emperor in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Meeting with Kyoshu-sama and Executive Directors
September 1, 2021


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