Mayumi, my wife,

Who I relied on in all matters

Suddenly came down with an illness.


Not being able to meet in person,

My wife and I can only exchange words

On the phone.


Messages of encouragement for my wife

Arrive from many members.

Oh, how they touch my heart!


My wife and I are united as one

With the members of Meishu-sama—

This time,

That sank deep into my heart.


While in the hospital,

My wife voices out the prayers

Of World Church of Messiah devotedly,

Over and over again.


I am grateful that

God permits me to offer my prayers

To Him through words

This is what my wife said.


To pray is to offer my whole being

My wife came to this realization,

Shedding tears in joy.


I now know that

The words we use for prayers are immeasurably powerful

This, my wife firmly asserts.


Remembering that I received the reviving breath,

I breathe

Together with everyone and everything.


I set firmly in my heart that

You blessed us with a new beginning.

Allow me, O God, to serve You!

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