Under Kyoshu-sama, the Master of Rituals and Ceremonies, a Profession Ceremony took place on March 13 at the Breezé Plaza in the city of Osaka.

People say that the spirit of God the Most High descends from heaven. Indeed, it is true.

How truly sublime is that sight. How truly sublime it is to look up at the glory of the descending God.

If it be so, are we humans only in a position to receive the blessings of God? No. Undoubtedly, no.

In ancient times, we were in heaven together with God. We were together with God—the Word—with Jesus and with Meishu-sama. We lived in heaven with God, Jesus and Meishu-sama, and we were surrounded by the great chorus of Hallelujah and Amen. We attributed all glory, blessings and authority to God. In heaven, we were bestowed with healing, strength, salvation, forgiveness, love and truth.

Though it was so, once we parted heaven and came to earth like the Fallen Angel, we forgot the blessings of heaven, believed that this earth was paradise, wandered the dark roads, and fell into an existence without salvation awaited only by a withering future.

Nevertheless, God had mercy on us, sent to this world Jesus, the Lamb of God, and Meishu-sama, the Apostle of God, and is confronting us through World Church of Messiah, which is under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama, trying to make us come into contact, once again, with the light we received long ago.

This blessing is none other than the Profession Ceremony of World Church of Messiah.

Oh, how deep is the blessing of God! How abundant is the grace of God!

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