The Prayer for Abundance Service was held at the World Church of Messiah Headquarters on March 1.

Through the guidance of Masaaki-sama, the figures of Jesus and Meishu-sama are being portrayed vividly. My minuscule self was simply overwhelmed by his appearance that was reminiscent of a blazing flame. Jesus and Meishu-sama accepted a suffering that anyone would want to escape from in order to prepare for us the path of glory that leads to eternal life. It was terrifying to walk that path and stand right in front of them. I wanted to avoid it if it was possible. But running away is no longer possible. Now that I know that the path was prepared for none other than me, who is living here in the present, how could I run away from it?

Through the guidance of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, I have been allowed to know of this path before the rest of the world. Even if the progress is slow, I will take one step at a time in the center of that path, and walk on forward.

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