Meishu-sama’s Hymns


Foolish are those who tell lies.

They hurt themselves with their own tongues.


Know this everyone:

The seed that fosters evil

Is a heart of lies and falsehood.


Do you know

What a paradise on earth is in a nutshell?

It is a world without darkness, secrets or lies.


You, O God, love those

Who are honest

And grant abounding blessings to them!


Happy are those

Who know that,

While human eyes might be deceived,

God’s eyes can never be deceived.

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“The superstition of telling lies”


The world is filled with superstitions, and one of them is the superstition of telling lies, something that people often overlook. This superstition says that things will go well even if you tell lies. These days people tell so many lies, even unconsciously, that they have gotten used to this way of living. Telling lies has become such a habit that they do not realize they are doing it at all. When my staff tell lies without noticing it, I always point it out to them. Oftentimes, they do not understand what I am saying—they cannot even distinguish the difference between the lie and the truth. After I explain to them in detail, they finally come to their senses, realize their lie and apologize to me. In this way, telling lies is so natural for people today that they hardly know the difference between a lie and the truth.

Why is it that they are so accustomed to telling lies? It is because they think that no one will figure it out. How ignorant they are. Well, if there was no God in this world, I could understand their thinking. It would mean that the more you get away with telling lies, the cleverer you are. But the truth is the other way around, isn’t it? For God does exist. No matter how successfully you cheat others, it will last only temporarily, and the lie will be exposed without fail. Once a lie is exposed, you will be put to shame, lose all trust from people and be punished. That is, the result will be the opposite of what you intended initially. Overall, you lose so much by telling lies. One may think that God does not exist because He cannot be seen. It is like the barbarians who would not acknowledge the existence of air simply because it is invisible. So, the level of intelligence of those who do not believe in God is the same as that of the barbarians. Yet, they think of themselves as civilized. How pathetic they are.

, no. 120, September 5, 1951
(Excerpt from the article)

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