O Meishu-sama,

You showed us that

Lord God is both our birth Parent and

The One who stands at the center of each one of us.


O Meishu-sama,

You were born anew as the Messiah,

As the child

Who inherits the will of God!


How humbling it is that

We were born as human beings

In order to inherit the will of God.


You, O God, talk to us

Wishing to exchange thoughts and feelings with us!


We became so arrogant that

We even felt the wish of God to be bothersome,

Pushing aside God’s deep love.


O our true Father,

We severed our bond with You and

Were walking down the path toward destruction!


You, O God, sent Jesus

In order to atone for and forgive us,

We who were destined to perish.


Humanity will be reunited with God

Through Jesus’s blood of atonement!


Know this everyone:

Humanity can exchange thoughts and feelings with God

Only after receiving the blood of atonement.


To You who draw near to me,

To You who speak to me tenderly,

To You, O God,

I answer, “O my Father!”

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