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Congratulations, everyone, on today’s World Church of Messiah Grand Ancestor Service.

First, I would like to thank all the staff at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk hotel for their understanding and cooperation as well as their consideration on numerous matters. It is due to their support that we are able to hold this service today, and for that, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone at the hotel. Thank you very much.


Meishu-sama taught us the following: “People who are currently alive must know that they do not exist on their own, but they are connected to and are the extension of their ancestors. In other words, one individual is the sum total of his numerous ancestors.”

Meishu-sama is saying that it is vital for us to know that we are the extension of our ancestors.

Being the extension of our ancestors means that we and our ancestors are connected by a single continuous line without a break.

That is, we are ones who have inherited and are made up of all of humanity’s genetic information passed down to us from our fathers and mothers, from all of our ancestors.

We can never be separated from our ancestors.

We and our ancestors are joined together, being one body with God through the name of Messiah who is the child of God—through the name most holy.

Our ancestors still live within us as ones who are inseparable from us.

They live within all of our bodily cells, within each one of our consciousnesses.


However, since we cannot see the physical bodies or forms of our ancestors, we might have long believed that our ancestors lived in a world somewhere different from the world we live in now. We might have long believed that they went to a certain place after they died, with the notion that this “certain place” was the so-called spiritual world. Didn’t we lock our ancestors up in this certain place, in the so-called spiritual world?

We committed the sin of making the eternal life of God our own life and long believed that this visible and limited life was the only life.

We long believed that the visible and limited breath was the only breath.

In this way, we drifted away from eternal life, conjured up the world of death and trapped ourselves in the notion of death.

Since God abundantly fills all creation with His eternal life and breath, the world of death cannot and does not exist for Him.

It was us humans who created the world of death.

In order to atone for and forgive our sin of creating the world of death, in order to deliver us from this world of death and in order to resurrect us in eternal life, God sent Jesus to this world.

Jesus was crucified in our place, begged for the forgiveness of our sins and surrendered his soul and blood to God so that we who were ignorant could be reconciled with God.

God accepted Jesus’s blood as the sacred blood of atonement and granted His forgiveness to us and our ancestors through it. Not only that, in order to bring salvation to all humanity, God raised Jesus from the world of the dead, endowed Jesus with eternal life and made known to us that Jesus is the Son of God, the Christ, the Messiah.

By resurrecting Jesus, God delivered us who were trapped in death and opened up the way for us to attain eternal life.

God opened up the way for us to be able to fulfill the promise we made with God, that is, to be born anew as children of God, Messiahs, and to live eternally.


We feel that we have inherited not only positive traits from our ancestors but also negative traits. While these negative traits were formed as a result of all the sins committed against God by our ancestors over the generations, they, without exception, have already received the forgiveness of God owing to the atoning blood of Jesus.

We feel that we have inherited the negative traits of our ancestors because we, in fact, have a duty to acknowledge that these negative traits have already received God’s forgiveness and to offer these traits to God as the glory of His salvation.

God granted His forgiveness to us so that all humanity could put an end to its old ways of living and thinking. God already welcomed us into an entirely new phase of salvation in which all creation will be remade into something new and in which each one of us can be born anew as a child of God.

The great transition that brought about this new phase of salvation took place two thousand years ago.

This great transition is a sacred work for all creation and all who live on earth, or rather, it is a work for God Himself. That is why we cannot dismiss this work as something that happened in the past, two thousand years ago.

God who lives eternally advances His never-ending work of creation within us.

He is accomplishing His great work of creation by uniting everything that happened in the past and will happen in the future to the “now” of each one of us.

Meishu-sama did not regard the great transition that took place two thousand years ago as a historical event but rather, regarded it as something that was related to him and left us with the phrase “Transition from Night to Day.” Before God, Meishu-sama acknowledged the sin he carried, and through acknowledging it, he came to the conviction that he was freed from that sin.

Meishu-sama received Jesus’s atonement with all his body, became someone whose sin was forgiven and was born anew as the child of God, the Messiah. He became someone who lives eternally.

We must follow Meishu-sama’s example and acknowledge the sin we carry.

How can you receive the forgiveness of God unless you admit the sin you carry?

Like Meishu-sama, let us believe in Jesus’s atonement and say to God, “Now, I will receive the sacred blood of atonement together with everyone and everything.” In this way, God will deem us and all the ancestors who are one with us as ones whose sins are forgiven and as ones who walk on the path to be born anew.


Afterwards, at the end of the service, I am going to perform the “Returning of the souls,” together with all of you.

Many of our ancestors who are within us are always saying to us that they want to return to heaven where the source of light and life is.

We were sent to earth and made to know the name of Messiah so that we could communicate those voices of our ancestors to God.

So let us admit that our paternal and maternal ancestors as well as the ancestors of all humanity live within us. And let us say to God, “In the name of Messiah, I will now return to heaven that exists at the center of my consciousness together with many of my ancestors. May Your will be done.”

Let us also determine in our hearts to serve, together with all our ancestors, in the divine work of creation that revives everything and makes everything new, through our outgoing and incoming breath and our incoming and outgoing breath!

Through the name of Messiah, I return all glory, authority and grace to God who allows us to serve Him in His work.

Thank you very much.

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