O Meishu-sama,

You taught us that


We must climb up to heaven and

Be its residents!


Whenever worry clouds our hearts,

Whenever anxiety takes over our minds,

We forget the grace of God.

That’s how we are.


When our hearts are completely

Covered in darkness,

Do you know where God exists?

Right in the middle of it.


O God,

You advance Your salvation

By uniting every kind of thought and feeling

That exists in the human world

To each one of us!


Know this everyone.

The light and power that lead to salvation

Exist in heaven,

In the center of each one of our hearts!


The path to salvation opens up

For those who admit that

They are born in heaven!


Ah, God,

You manifest Yourself as breath

In order to deliver us

From the suffering and agony of our hearts!


From where does the power

To overcome hardship come?

It comes from the reviving breath

Of the God of all creation!


I set this firmly in my mind:

No matter what kind of hardship I face,

I will be able to overcome it!


O God,

In order to fulfill our duty as

Holy members of World Church of Messiah,

We return to Your heaven now!

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