Under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, a Profession Ceremony took place on May 15 at the Hotel New Otani Hakata.


We will not stop. We absolutely will not stop. We cannot stop. We absolutely cannot stop. Bringing along everything both the pure and impure, looking closely at everything, letting everything out in the open, being as we are, even if we are covered with mud, full of scars or unsightly, whether classy or clumsy, whether rejected or accepted, no matter how much we are dishonored or how much we are complimented, getting back up no matter how many times we fall, accepting all criticism, praise, futility, glory, failure and success, even if it is just one step, half a step, one millimeter or even a tenth of a millimeter, we will move toward You. Please let us move toward You. O Lord! Please grant us the strength to move forward. For Your comfort is with You. For Your peace is with You.


Comfort, peace and healing are here. They are here in World Church of Messiah.

People of the world, come. Come to World Church of Messiah!

You, then, will be saved.

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