68 years ago,

On June 15,

Meishu-sama held

The Provisional Ceremony

To Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah.


At the provisional ceremony,

We all came to know that

The sins of all humanity were forgiven

Through Meishu-sama!


One day,

I will definitely hold the true ceremony.

O Meishu-sama,

How you have been wishing for this!


O Lord God,

With love,

You held the Grand Ceremony

To Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah!


O members,

Your sincere hearts and donations were brought together,

Making it possible for everyone to celebrate

The grand ceremony!


The grand ceremony was broadcast simultaneously

All over Japan,

To twelve satellite venues.


On this auspicious day,

Members all around Japan—ten thousand of them—

Were united as one!


June 15:

Members overseas also held the grand ceremony

All on the same date!


Right after the ceremony started,

A new song was sung by our choir.

Oh, how this fired me up!


I feel Meishu-sama’s happiness

About the grand ceremony being carried out

With the presence of many guests.


Receiving so many telegrams of congratulations

Made me aware once again of the mission that

World Church of Messiah is entrusted with.


On this day,

On this day of the grand ceremony,

We offered Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus

To Meishu-sama.


Yet another new song was sung

At the end of the ceremony.

Awaken, I did, to the truth.


O Meishu-sama,

We follow your example and

Receive the Holy Spirit of Pentecost,

The source of forgiveness!


O Jesus and Meishu-sama,

You two overcame death!

We believe in the two of you and move forward!

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