O Meishu-sama,

You proclaimed that

The Transition from Night to Day

Took place on June 15, 1931!


With all people forgiven and

God now manifesting,

The world of day has arrived.

This, O Meishu-sama, you pronounced.


God forgave us two thousand years ago.

Yes, every one of us.

It was two thousand years ago

When God accepted Jesus’s blood and

Forgave us.


Ah God,

It was You who resurrected Jesus and

Sent the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost!


O Holy Spirit!

You penetrated both heaven and earth

And filled all humanity!



Let us recall the time

When we received the Holy Spirit

In the kingdom of God

Together with Meishu-sama!


O Holy Spirit,

You are imbued with the will of creation,

Having the power to turn us

Into children of God!


How awe-inspiring it is—

The whole universe has been renewed

By the Holy Spirit sent on Pentecost!


Let us live in hope,

Admitting that

The new heaven and earth already exist within us!


Return to heaven, everyone,

And share the blessing of the Holy Spirit

With all.

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