The July Monthly Service took place at the World Church of Messiah Headquarters on July 1.

At the Grand Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah, I became clearly aware of the new world—the true world that continues to evolve without end. My heart and faith, which had become stagnant without me realizing despite having been taught this truth by Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, were pierced by each word emitted from the passionate soul of Masaaki-sama, whose figure was brilliant as if he was carrying God on his back. This is indeed the “bullet of light” that Meishu-sama spoke of. It invigorated me greatly, and I could not help but feel the power that filled my entire body. The altar was filled with the light of God and glowing white with heat. My body trembled involuntarily at the power of this sacred place that made me wonder if this is what meeting with Meishu-sama was like.

Each one of us has been entrusted with the authority of God, who is our true Father, and has been put in a position to save. Rather, the ultimate truth is that our true essence is God Himself. I will accept this truth with every fiber of our consciousness.

I repent myself for not acknowledging You and continuing to reject You becoming me.

I cannot afford to stop.

I will just keep moving forward for salvation, constantly going beyond the current state in each and every moment.

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Greeting by Masaaki-sama at the July Monthly Service (Japanese only):

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