After seven months in the hospital,

My wife, Mayumi, returned home,



Everything that went on in the hospital,

Everything she did,

I was able to know.

For she sent me text messages every day.


Ah Mayumi,

Because of the cerebral infarction,

Paralysis still remains on the left side of your body.


Oh Mayumi,

While in the hospital,

You devoted so much effort to rehabilitation,

Day after day.


I was able to endure this ordeal

Only because of the encouragement and warm support

I received from the members.

This, Mayumi, you told me.


My wife and I say thank you

To staff members of World Church of Messiah

And to our sons and their families

For their help.


A new life has begun for me—

A life with my wife

Who walks with a cane,

Uses the handrails

And moves in a wheelchair.


Even with disabilities,

My wife is lively—

Her eyes bright and her voice cheerful.


The true essence of a human being

Is its spiritual body called Messiah

That is filled with glory!

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