Under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, a Profession Ceremony took place on August 21 at the Kunitachi Church.

In the sacred space filled with awe-inspiring silence, tension and solemnity, Kyoshu-sama bestowed Ohikari to each new member.

I could not help but think that the expressions of the new members, full of hope and determination to walk the path of true faith, were questioning my own resolve.

The path that leads straight to the one and only God. This path of true faith that was paved through the blood of Jesus and Meishu-sama. This irreplaceable path that we were guided to by Kyoshu-sama.

We are members of World Church of Messiah that is under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama. Faced with this immensely blessed fact, let us—with great pride and an unwavering resolve in our hearts—walk this path together with those who became members on this day, with confidence and without fear of anything.

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