Handel’s oratorio Messiah—often said to be the pinnacle of Christian music, Meishu-sama dearly loved this musical piece. In particular, he loved the “Hallelujah” chorus, where the joy of Jesus Christ’s triumph over the world and his reign from then on is sung out in sonorous voices. Meishu-sama listened to it repeatedly, to the point that this part of his record wore out.

Regarding the Messiah, Meishu-sama said, “I can’t emphasize how good it is. It is second to none.” “Handel composed it for World Church of Messiah.” “The feeling of praising God is truly expressed.” “We, World Church of Messiah, have to use it. They are singing it over there now [in Christianity], but it’s like we are lending it.”

Meishu-sama said that Handel composed Messiah for World Church of Messiah, that we are lending it to Christianity, and that World Church of Messiah has to use it. When we think about this, we wonder if it really is enough just to present Messiah, particularly the “Hallelujah” chorus, only at grand services or other similar functions.

Within the world, there are many who have never once heard a live performance of Messiah or “Hallelujah” chorus, a piece that Meishu-sama “can’t emphasize how good it is. It is second to none.”

In the meanwhile, at World Church of Messiah, owing to Kyoshu-sama, we carry the faith and enthusiasm to offer the “Hallelujah” chorus to God, Meishu-sama and Jesus and have been diligently practicing it through today.

Admittedly, we may never come anywhere close to the level of a professional music group. But the accumulation of intensive training for “Hallelujah” chorus at World Church of Messiah is unmistakable fact.

When we think about this, we can’t help but feel that Meishu-sama is telling his own World Church of Messiah, “Do your best to have as many people as possible hear the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus.”

We can’t help but feel that he is telling us, “Sing the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus all over town, at community centers, at shopping centers and at elementary schools. Do your best to have many people hear it.” We can’t help but feel that he is telling us, “Bring the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus to people who have never heard it before even once.”

The purpose of the Hallelujah Project: Deliver the “Hallelujah” chorus to many, have them listen to it, have them come to like it, have them want to sing it themselves too. This is the purpose.

The soul of Christ, the soul of Messiah, as the child of the one and only God, exists within every single human being. It exists with life and exuberance. It shines brilliantly.

The people who listen to the “Hallelujah” chorus can come into contact with the brilliance of that soul, awaken and experience the feeling of overflowing joy while listening even if unconsciously. If that should happen, there would be no greater joy as a follower of Meishu-sama.

With respect to the songs that Kyoshu-sama or Masaaki-sama writes the lyrics for, we use the phrase “World Church of Messiah original song.”

However, if God prepared “Hallelujah” chorus for World Church of Messiah and we have been lending it to Christianity until now, then Handel’s Messiah or its “Hallelujah” chorus can literally be called “World Church of Messiah original song.”

And if that is the case, then haven’t we been tasked the mission to do our best to have many people hear this musical piece?

Meishu-sama wrote the following hymn:

“The time / When the light of the Messiah reaches / The farthest ends of the earth / Is the time / When God shall have His rest.”

Through the singing of the “Hallelujah” chorus in various parts of Japan and in various parts of the world, the light of the Messiah that exists within all of humanity will grow ever more brilliantly. Let us do so and make God happy.

Let us, we of World Church of Messiah, bring the “Hallelujah” chorus to all parts of Japan, and still more, to all parts of the world.

This is the Hallelujah Project.

We strongly believe that the Hallelujah Project is bound to be a great force in furthering the construction of a heaven on earth, a world of light.

With participating members of The Messiah Choir playing a central role, we will be asking many people to collaborate.

May we receive your help and support. Thank you very much.

World Church of Messiah
October 18, 2022

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