In heaven,

In the world of beginning, O God,

You bore

Not only our spirits

But the spirits of all creation!


Through Your breath,

O God,

You completely filled all creation

With Your will of creation!


Oh, how awe-inspiring it is

That we are one

With all creation in the entire universe.

Allow me to acknowledge this truth, O God!


O Meishu-sama,

You declared the following:

All creation supports and assists us humans

So that we can fulfill our mission!


Through using all creation,

You, O God, work hard to make us, all of us,

Your own children.


Human self-consciousness is made up of all creation.

Ah, how mysterious the work of God is!


It is only because we are granted self-consciousness

That we can be born as Messiahs,

As children of God.


O God,

You first renew all creation

And then make humans be born anew!


Ah God,

You atoned for our sins

Through blood—

A creation.


In order to respond to Your love, O God,

We will now return to Your kingdom,

Together with all creation!

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