Ah God,

Meishu-sama taught us that

Nobody can walk

Without the cane of sincerity.

How mistaken I have been

To think that I was able to walk

Without a cane in my hand.

O God,

You initially granted me a cane in Your heaven

So that I could walk back to Your heaven one day.

Ah, how deep is Your love, O God.

You let me carry Your cane

Even though I am so haughty and arrogant.

You have supported me, in secret,

With Your cane

Whenever I have been in trouble.

The cane,

The true cane of sincerity,

Is the name of Messiah and the sacred blood of atonement

Imbued with authority.

I thank Meishu-sama,

For he taught me the existence of the true cane

That allows me to meet You, O God.

With this cane,

I want to go back to Your kingdom

And see You, O God—

I want to see You now!

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