For the first time in the history of the Church, Christmas gatherings were held at churches across the country in December 2022.

In particular, large gatherings were held on December 25 at Shonan Church, Hamamatsu Church and Nara Church. At these gatherings, readings of “Glory and Grace and Their Forest Friends” written by Masaaki-sama, concerts and group singing, and gift exchanges between participants were held.

I will describe the gathering at the Shonan Church, which I was able to visit.

Nearly 100 people, including non-member guests, gathered at the Shonan Church. An actual fir tree about 2 meters tall, which was procured voluntarily by the members, was displayed at the entrance as a Christmas tree. The tree was gorgeously decorated with handmade wreaths and ornaments imported from the United States, creating a great Christmas atmosphere.

At the gathering, a mini-concert was held by the lead minister of the church and volunteer members, and together, everyone sang the original song “Ah, Meishu-sama” with lyrics written by Masaaki-sama. When the song ended, a round of applause echoed throughout the room.

It is only because we are connected to Meishu-sama through Kyoshu-sama that we are allowed to receive the blood of atonement of Jesus and aspire to be born anew. As I came into contact with the warm smiles of members celebrating Christmas, I renewed my wish to proclaim this gospel full of hope to all my brothers and sisters who live on this earth.

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