Happy New Year, everyone!

In deep awe and fear of God, I say that His will of creation is to make all humanity His very own children, that is, Messiahs. God, who is one and only and is our Father, demonstrated this to us not only by making Jesus the Messiah but also by making Meishu-sama be born anew as the Messiah.

The name of Messiah—the name most holy and high—is imbued with God’s will of creation and is engraved in all humanity, all of humanity’s paternal and maternal ancestors and all creation including all the various elements and particles.

As we welcome this glorious new year, let us thank God for nurturing us through Meishu-sama and Jesus and let us advance with courage and hope in our hearts.

Everyone, I count on your support throughout this year, too.

When and where is our beginning?

Our beginning is when God bore our spiritual bodies in His heaven, and this beginning still exists within us, at the center of each one of our consciousnesses.

In heaven, in the world of beginning, we were part of the one body of God.

We were serving God as His spiritual children who shone brilliantly.

God then sent us to the earth, a part of heaven, and prepared our self-consciousness known to us as the heart or mind. He did this in order to make us individuals, each possessing a distinct sense of “I.”

Once we were sent to this earth and acquired our self-consciousness, we ended up taking possession of our spiritual bodies, that is, our souls. We ended up creating a barrier between ourselves and God and became like ones separated from God.

God is now trying to forgive us who took possession of our souls, welcome us back to His heaven once more and be one with us.

That is why God needed to put Jesus, whom He so dearly loves, on the cross so that our sins could be atoned for and purified and so that we could be saved and revived.

Oh how profound is the love of God toward us! We will never be able to grasp how much He loves us.

As His children, we have the duty to respond to His deep love, to receive, as Meishu-sama did, the atoning blood of Jesus and, as ones whose sins have been forgiven, to return to heaven where God dwells.

Meishu-sama taught us that the spiritual precedes the material.

We have the material body only because there is a spiritual, heavenly body.

That is, we must say to God, “O God, I live because You live!”

While Meishu-sama taught us that the spiritual precedes the material, he also taught us about the union of the spiritual and the material. He wrote, “When the spiritual and the material unite, it generates power. Until today, the two were not united.”

Receiving God’s blessing, we came to know that we exist here on earth only because our spiritual, heavenly bodies exist in heaven. As ones who have been blessed in this way, let us offer the whole of our material body to God and wish to be one with God, that is, let us wish to achieve the union of the spiritual and the material.

It is only when we are one with God that we can turn into true living beings through the power of God’s life.

The source and power of salvation come from heaven that exists within us.

In order to make people recall the heaven existing within them and to share the salvation existing in this heaven, Meishu-sama literally poured his heart and soul into constructing the physical sacred grounds, the projection of heaven.

With an aim to inherit this sacred heart of Meishu-sama and respond to his passion for the salvation of humanity, last year on November 1 at the November Monthly Service, Masaaki, who acts on my behalf, declared the initiation of the process of the construction of World Church of Messiah’s sacred ground.

Following this declaration, last month on December 18 at the Service for the Births of Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ, I announced to you that the place of worship that will be the center of our sacred ground shall be called the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah.

United as one, let us wholeheartedly serve in its construction and prepare a Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah that will make Meishu-sama happy and that will respond to his wish.

Furthermore, June 15 of this year marks the one-year anniversary of the Grand Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah. With this in mind, as Masaaki and I communicated to you last year, we have decided that the past Paradise on Earth Service that we have been holding for June 15 will be held as the Birth of the Messiah Service from this year on.

Responding to Meishu-sama who, with his very own body and being, demonstrated to us the significance of the birth of the Messiah, let us welcome this major world holy day together.

Let us also engrave into our hearts the deep connection between Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama who affirmed that World Church of Messiah would advance salvation hand in hand with Christianity. Let us express our most sincere gratitude to God who sent the two to this world, and let us serve Him together with all humanity, all of humanity’s paternal and maternal ancestors and all creation.

To you who serve God in this way throughout this year, may God grant you His grace and comfort.

Thank you very much.

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