O God the Creator,

In the kingdom of heaven,

You bore numerous spiritual children!


After being born in this world, O God,

We forgot the heavenly world

That exists within us.


Heaven is our true home.

But still,

Oh, how difficult it is to recall it!


For us to recall heaven, O God,

You constructed the sacred grounds on earth

Through Meishu-sama.


Ah Meishu-sama,

You single-mindedly served God

And wished to welcome everyone in heaven.


Receiving the burning heart of Meishu-sama, O God,

We will now construct a sacred ground!


With great hope and as one heart,

We will build the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah!


How joyous it is

To construct a sacred ground

Through which eternal life and comfort

Are to be shared!


Meishu-sama will be delighted

To see you, the members, offer your sincere efforts,

Toward the construction of a sacred ground!

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