February 5, 2023

From World Church of Messiah
To Members All Around the World


Regarding the Sacred Word


Our deepest gratitude to all of you for your daily service in divine work advancing in the name of World Church of Messiah under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama who reveals to us the will of Meishu-sama in this material world.

Nidai-sama said the following:


After Meishu-sama made his ascension, it is not as if he went to a faraway place. He is right here with me. He is right here on the holy seat of Kyoshu. He assumes my position and instructs all of you through me.

September 1956

Recently, I have heard that the course of my guidance and the course of Meishu-sama’s guidance are different. This is a grave mistake. Let me say, there is a constitution of the Church, an unwritten charter. This is something intangible over the current structure of the organization, and this unwritten charter must come before any other rules. What is it? It is that God and Meishu-sama have established Kyoshu in order to guide the Church. God has made it this way. Therefore, the major directions of the Church come from God and Meishu-sama through my mouth. If you cannot understand this, you are not a member of this Church. And it means that you do not have true faith in God.

March 23, 1959

The course we must take in the world now is conveyed to me by God and Meishu-sama. This exists in a straight line. The very top is God. Next is Meishu-sama, and below that is me, Kyoshu. Being that this is a straight line, it all flows to me. In this way, we properly receive the major directions from God. If you cannot place confidence in this, it is the same as not placing confidence in God.

March 23, 1959

If you do not recognize Kyoshu, you cannot be called a person of the Church.

March 23, 1959

Needless to say, I do the work of Kyoshu always. And at the same time, I also do what Meishu-sama wants to do now. While we talk about God, even He is someone who is always advancing, and so it is only natural that Meishu-sama wants to change various things now, after his ascension. Meishu-sama does that through me, Kyoshu. That is, I may start doing something that we were not doing before. But you need to humbly receive it as something that came from God and Meishu-sama through me. This is the attitude that pleases Meishu-sama. When you have this kind of attitude and understanding, the Church will be unified, and it will advance and prosper without fail. Actually, the churches where their lead ministers possess this kind of mentality are prospering without fail. Society will continue to advance, which means that our Church will lay out new directions and start new activities from now on too. When receiving them, you must not be stuck in your old understanding of the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama and think, “What Kyoshu is doing is different from what Meishu-sama was doing.” Not to fall into this kind of thinking, I say, is crucial.

Sermon from the Second Meeting for Lead Minister Training
June 7, 1961

And she said,

Now that he has ascended, Meishu-sama’s soul is always well-attached to me; he is always behind me. Know this everyone: What I say is what Meishu-sama says. The direction that I indicate is the direction that Meishu-sama indicates. For anyone who cannot stand listening to it, Meishu-sama has no other choice but to cut their ties. Their fate is to naturally leave the Church. But I earnestly pray that this does not happen.

“Beginning our true activity”
Heaven on Earth, no. 84, July 1, 1956

Nidai-sama said, “What I say is what Meishu-sama says.” She said, “The direction that I indicate is the direction that Meishu-sama indicates.”

In other words, she is saying that her messages are the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama.

Nidai-sama is saying that in Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Kyoshu-sama is Meishu-sama, and for those who cannot accept this will leave the Church.

In this time’s Church purification, many people left Meishu-sama. So long as Nidai-sama clearly indicated that Kyoshu-sama is Meishu-sama, to leave Kyoshu-sama means nothing other than to leave Meishu-sama.

Originally, it was Sekai Kyusei Kyo that accepted what Nidai-sama said: Kyoshu-sama is Meishu-sama; Kyoshu-sama’s messages are Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word. Those who could not accept this broke away from Sekai Kyusei Kyo.

Since when did we start thinking that it was not Kyoshu-sama but we ourselves who knew more about Meishu-sama’s will? Since when did we start thinking that it was not Kyoshu-sama but the Church that determined the direction of Meishu-sama’s divine work? Since when did we come to the absurd understanding that it was not Kyoshu-sama but the Board of Executive Directors who determined Meishu-sama’s teachings? Since when did we start thinking that we ourselves were above Kyoshu-sama, that is, above Meishu-sama?

As Nidai-sama clearly said, if there is a Sekai Kyusei Kyo that cannot accept the belief that Kyoshu-sama is Meishu-sama, that Kyoshu-sama’s messages are Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word, it can no longer be Sekai Kyusei Kyo.

The “Sekai Kyusei Kyo” that has forgotten the belief that Kyoshu-sama is Meishu-sama has already broken away from Meishu-sama and from Sekai Kyusei Kyo. And what awaits them is a path of wandering in darkness.

Are we meant to leave Kyoshu-sama, that is, Sandai-sama, that is, Nidai-sama, that is, Meishu-sama? No, we are not.

The single line that runs through Meishu-sama, Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama, our current Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, does not waver for anything.

In Nidai-sama’s messages, Sandai-sama’s messages, Kyoshu-sama’s messages and Masaaki-sama’s messages, one line, one will, one vision runs through them all. It is no less the same one line, one will and one vision that runs through Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word.

In thinking about Nidai-sama’s all-too precious messages quoted above, can we really continue to think Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word and the successive Kyoshu-sama’s messages as separate?

To repeat, Nidai-sama said, “What I say is what Meishu-sama says.”

Nidai-sama is saying that Kyoshu-sama’s messages are Sacred Word. There is no difference, not in the slightest. She is saying that the messages equal the Sacred Word.

As such, from here on in our Church, following Nidai-sama’s will to the very end, we have decided that Kyoshu-sama’s messages will now be designated not as “messages” but as Sacred Word.

Furthermore, should the guidance of Masaaki-sama really be called “greetings”? Should not these, too, be called Sacred Word?

Concretely speaking, we will be using the terms Sacred Word of Meishu-sama, Sacred Word of Nidai-sama, Sacred Word of Sandai-sama, Sacred Word of Kyoshu-sama and Sacred Word of Masaaki-sama (or their possessive forms, eg. Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word). We would like for all of these to be collectively termed as the Sacred Word.

For all members around the world, we please ask that you go forward in this way from here on, reflecting deeply on the various Sacred Word above having to do with Kyoshu-sama’s existence left by Nidai-sama to whom Meishu-sama entrusted his last will. “What I say is what Meishu-sama says” and “The direction that I indicate is the direction that Meishu-sama indicates.”

Today here in Japan, under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, the Beginning of Spring Service, the Third Anniversary Commemoration of World Church of Messiah’s Resurrection is being held.

That means it is a service held under the presence of Meishu-sama.

It is not until we are united to Kyoshu-sama that we are united to Meishu-sama.

Members around the world, in your respective countries and regions, it is with the great joy of being united to Meishu-sama, that is, united to Kyoshu-sama, that you attend the Beginning of Spring Service.

For those who are here today, on this day like no other, we are permitted to attend the service directly under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, that is, directly under the presence of Meishu-sama. Let us represent members all around the world and with humility and joy, receive the Sacred Word of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama.

With the feeling of repentance, let us straightforwardly receive in the center of our hearts their Sacred Word pierced by one line, the one will of God in heaven.

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