One day in February, not too long after the Beginning of Spring Service, Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, went to inspect one of the proposed sites for the construction of the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah.

Masaaki-sama listened to explanations of the involved parties, earnestly asked questions and walked every inch of the grounds.

Seeing this was a vivid reminder of when Meishu-sama inspected the sacred ground sites of Hakone, Atami and Kyoto long before.

Although the path to the construction of the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah has only just begun, its completion is already determined by God. This deeply moving first step toward the realization of this dream of ours has been taken by Masaaki-sama.

The construction of the sacred grounds here on earth is steadily advancing. For me too, the reporter who accompanied him, it was a day I felt that clearly.

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