To pay respect to others—

You, O Meishu-sama, taught us

This is key to one’s faith.


Paying due respect to our fellow humans

Was the only respect I thought there was to pay,

The only respect I thought was precious.


Through your life examples, O Meishu-sama,

I learned that

I need to pay due respect to God!


Allow me to pay my due respect to You, O God,

Who exist at the center of all creation

And of all human beings!


It is only when we pay due respect to You, O God,

That we human beings can pay respect to each other.


When we attend a service,

No, actually, regardless of when,

Let us never forget to pay due respect to God our Father.


You, O God, govern the world

Through the name of Messiah

And the holy blood of atonement!


To pay due respect to others

Actually means this:

To return our hearts to God who governs us.

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