On November 26, 2022, the Shinsei Region Youth Gathering took place on Sodegaura Beach of Ninomiya Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. Approximately 60 people participated, including young adults, students and children, as well as their family members. With the wish of walking together on the path of being born anew as children of God, the youth members took the initiative to carry out various activities, such as the seine fishing experience, barbecue and other recreational activities. In addition, everyone volunteered in the beach cleanup at the end of the gathering. During the seine fishing experience, they were able to catch a big haul of whitebait. Big smiles could be seen on the faces of the children who tasted a mouthful of fresh whitebait on the spot.

We are able to spend time together in gatherings like this only because all of us members have been united under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama.

Through this exchange, the participants renewed their feeling of being allowed to walk united as one under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama.

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