On July 30, 2022, at the height of summer, the Chubu Region Youth Gathering was held at the Jokoji Outdoor Activity Center located in Seto City of Aichi Prefecture. About 90 people participated, consisting mainly of youth and student members, as well as guests.

The gathering started with everyone offering a prayer to God together. Afterwards, they had a great time playing icebreaker games and doing obstacle relay races, during which loud cheering could be heard from all directions. After lunch, they did a scavenger hunt where they, as a group of companions, walked in the pleasant shade of the forest while working together to solve riddles. As the participants became closer to each other, their conversation also became livelier. When the event ended at 3 p.m., they were reluctant to say goodbye to each other.

The planning, preparation and call for participants for this gathering were carried out mainly by volunteers among the youth members of the Chubu Region. After witnessing how dependable the youth members were and seeing the beaming smiles on the faces of the participants as they enjoyed their time with friends, I, the reporter, could not help but feel the bright future of World Church of Messiah under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama.

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