Under Kyoshu-sama, the Master of Rituals and Ceremonies, the Beginning of Spring Service, the Third Anniversary Commemoration of World Church of Messiah’s Resurrection, was held on February 5 at Hotel Okura Kobe.

For the first time in three years, overseas pilgrimage groups attended the service. From World Church of Messiah Brazil, 22 executive directors and members attended, including President Paulo Santos and Senior Advisor Yoshiro Nagae and his wife, and from World Church of Messiah USA, 9 members attended, including President Igor Melcher.

On this day, we received the words of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama as the Sacred Word for the first time. Seeing their figures, united as one with Meishu-sama, made me feel that I have to repent my mistakes and renew my posture. The love of God has forgiven even someone like me who had forgotten the fact that I had been created by God. What a blessing this is! Now that I know that I am on the one and only path of salvation in this tremendously grand plan of God, I can only hope to make a great leap forward together with all my brothers and sisters.


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