The late Reverend Tetsuo Watanabe—one in whom Kyoshu-sama placed his deep trust, mentor of Masaaki-sama. This year, October 5, 2023, will be the Reverend’s ten-year memorial service. World Church of Messiah has determined for this milestone year that the reverend will be posthumously conferred the position of Special Senior Advisor.

For us who have faith in Meishu-sama, Reverend Watanabe clearly left for us the importance of being one heart with Kyoshu-sama.


In the past, everyone thought they were united as one with Meishu-sama. Even those who broke away from the Church did so thinking that they were “united with Meishu-sama.” This recent, long Church purification also began with each group believing that they were united with Meishu-sama, but they separated nevertheless. Anyone can say, “I am united with Meishu-sama! I am Meishu-sama-centered!” That’s because Meishu-sama himself will not physically say to us, “No you are not.” We will not be told, “Not yet.” Thus, as we interpret the wish and heart of Meishu-sama as we please—what is convenient for us—we come to believe that we are right. We say we are in the right, in the meanwhile, there are others who say that they are right, and so arises conflict.

. . . Kyoshu-sama was not necessary to those who separated. That is why they broke away. The head of each group became a “Kyoshu-sama.” Was Kyoshu-sama wishing for this kind of separation? Of course she was not, but they still went their separate ways. . . .

Why, too, did this recent, major Church purification spanning twenty years occur? If one looks closely into it, Kyoshu-sama was not accepted as the spiritual center. Even though she was present, she was essentially disregarded. Hence, each group with their own interpretation believed that they were right, which resulted in the long conflict. . . .

Many people say, “If we are able to truly unite as one with Meishu-sama, it is possible to become one with Kyoshu-sama’s wishes and heart.” I do not say that. Rather, I have been saying, “If we are able to become one heart with Kyoshu-sama and Kyoshu-sama’s wishes become our wishes, we will then be allowed to become one with Meishu-sama.”

These two phrases seem to be the same, don’t they? But I believe there is a big difference between “If we study enough and seek from Meishu-sama’s teachings and examples from his life, we can become one heart with Kyoshu-sama” and “If we understand Kyoshu-sama’s wishes and become one heart with him/her, then the path to become one with Meishu-sama will be granted to us.” . . .

. . . Because Kyoshu-sama is the spiritual center in the divine plan in the physical realm, he can speak to us directly. When we ask Kyoshu-sama, “Is this correct?” Kyoshu-sama may say, “Let’s see…that is not right.” “Have we become one with you?” “Not yet.” No matter how much we may ask Meishu-sama these questions, we cannot hear his voice. To repeat, the spiritual center in the divine plan in the physical realm is Kyoshu-sama.

Excerpt from Reverend Watanabe’s guidance
February 10, 2008

With this belief, Reverend Watanabe aligned his own heart with the heart of Kyoshu-sama. He aligned his own wishes with the wishes of Kyoshu-sama. He devoted his heart and soul into the establishment of a Kyoshu-sama-centered organization. Today, the Reverend’s will thrives in none other than World Church of Messiah. Rather, it is no exaggeration to say that we are the only ones permitted to inherit his wishes. With this great pride, let us follow in Reverend Watanabe’s footsteps who held fast to the Kyoshu-sama-centered faith and hereby, honor his life.

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