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Congratulations, everyone, on today’s World Church of Messiah Grand Spring Service.

Since Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service two years ago, we have been holding many services here at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba hotel. Today, too, it is thanks to their tremendous understanding and cooperation as well as their consideration on numerous matters that we are able to hold this service, and for that, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone at the hotel. Thank you very much.


As all of you know, my wife, Mayumi, is now in the hospital. You, members throughout Japan and the world, have been sending many cards and letters with words of encouragement to my wife. I strongly feel how warmly you think of the two of us and how we cannot live without your support. I am also grateful that you are including Mayumi in your daily prayers. Everyone, allow me to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you. Thank you.

Mayumi told me that her heart will be with us today, attending the service. If all of you could think in this way too, I would be most thankful.


Today, on April 3, President Narii turns 62.

Congratulations, President Narii! Everyone, let us give him a round of applause!

In order to seek the will of Meishu-sama, President Narii always willingly listens to what Masaaki and I say and never tires of communicating our thoughts to all the members. At the same time, he constantly pays attention to how all of you are doing, and if there is anything that needs to be reported to Masaaki and me, he does it so thoroughly and accurately. I am truly grateful for this, and I trust President Narii with all my heart.

When Meishu-sama founded World Church of Messiah, he said that the Church would move forward “under a new direction and objective.” Together with President Narii and together with all of you, I would like to continue to lead our Church to ways and directions worthy of Meishu-sama’s World Church of Messiah.


We say that we believe in God, but how do we believe Him?

Meishu-sama taught us that the one who created and is using this entire world is its master, God.

Meishu-sama also taught us that a soul is God’s divine spirit existing at the center of a human being and that it is our master.

Within us, God the Creator who governs all and is our master exists as our soul.

How awe-inspiring this is!

I had been saying that I believed in God even though I did not have this kind of recognition for a long time. But still, God forgave me and guided me through today. I must admit that the love of God who is the parent of our life is truly deep.

God is the true parent and the master for each and every one of us.

He is always helping us and talking to us, wishing so strongly to communicate with us.

This is because God wants to make each one of us His child who inherits His consciousness.

In order to achieve this, God first bore us as His spiritual children in heaven, the beginning of creation. At that time, He planted, within us, His eternal life, His consciousness and His soul as well as His breath.

We who were sent to earth from heaven committed the sin of taking possession of everything God prepared for us.

And precisely because we were able to take possession of them, we ended up pushing God far away from us, rather than turning our hearts to Him.

We, of our own accord, decided not to communicate with God anymore and thus created a barrier between ourselves and God, a barrier that could never be removed by human power. We drifted away from the path of eternal life and were walking the path that led to death and destruction.

God, however, had mercy on us who were going down that path of death and destruction. He sent Jesus to the world, and through the atoning blood that Jesus offered, He forgave the sin we committed—the grave sin that appeared to be irredeemable no matter what we did.

Not only that, by raising Jesus from the world of the dead, that is, by resurrecting him, God made it possible for us to communicate with Him once more.

It is thanks to the atoning blood that we are now able to communicate with God.

Communication is not a one-way street.

God allows us to respond to Him and call Him “God” or “our Father.”

God in this way draws near to us with deep and bountiful grace. We should, therefore, turn our hearts to Him by our own will and wish to communicate with Him—something Meishu-sama did.

To communicate with God means to surrender the whole of ourselves to Him and to serve Him.

To do this, what is needed is the name of Messiah, which is one with Jesus and Meishu-sama.

This precious name exists within each one of us.

In our daily lives, we, through the name of Messiah, pray, express our gratitude, surrender our thoughts and feelings and offer our intercessory prayers to God. But what we must also do is breathe and do everything else in our lives through that name. Living in this way, in itself, is how we can communicate with God and serve Him.


We say we communicate with God and serve Him, but where do we do that?

We do that in heaven existing at the center of our consciousness.

Meishu-sama wrote, “To save people into heaven, you must climb up to heaven first and become its resident.” It is only when you admit that there is heaven within you and that you are someone who belongs to heaven that you will be able to communicate with God and serve Him through the name of Messiah.

We have already been welcomed once again into heaven as ones who have been atoned for and purified.

We have already been made into ones who are pure and holy.

We say we are members of Meishu-sama’s Church. But in essence, we are “holy members” of God’s Church that bears the name of Messiah.

God is now advancing His new phase of creation, the second phase of creation. God is now reviving all creation in the whole universe and making all humanity be born anew as His children, as Messiahs. In order to achieve this work, God is now using us as the holy members of His Church.

God is welcoming all that we have done until today and all our power and desires into His heaven as matters that have already been atoned for and forgiven. God is setting them free and remaking them into something new. In order to do all of this, God is now using us as the holy members of His Church.

If God is using us in this way, no matter what comes our way, let us first return to heaven and then set the following firmly in our mind: “O God, You are using us in the work of remaking everything new! Allow me to serve You!”


Once we have decided to serve God, we need to be careful to never let go of the one who stands at the center of our consciousness, that is, God, our master.

Since we now live in this world, our thinking tends to be human-centered. We put so many things into action believing that they are for the good of many. But precisely because we believe that those things are for the good of many, we often forget to think of what God wants.

When we are lost or troubled, it is easy for us to turn our hearts to God. But actually, we should try to turn our hearts to Him especially when we think we are doing something good or right and say to Him, “O God, may Your will be done, not mine.”

Even if you forget to say that to God, do not end it with “Oh, I forgot to say that to God.” Be sure to communicate the same thought to God at the time you realize you forgot.

In Japan, we have a proverb that says we pray to God only in times of trouble. As such, when we are in despair, we can only think about ourselves and desperately pray to God so that our pleas would be heard.

When you realize this kind of posture of yours, you might be shocked as to how self-centered you are, but it is exactly for this kind of posture that God granted His forgiveness through the blood of atonement.

First, admit this and bring down all the worries that are inside your head to your chest area.

Then, welcome God at the center of your head and say to Him, “O God, You know all those who are going through the same kind of suffering as I am. Together with all of them, allow me to surrender the whole of myself into Your hand. May Your will be done. It is in this way that I want to serve You.” I believe God allows us to pray to Him like this.


God loves everyone equally.

Everyone is loved by God.

That is why God blows His breath into everyone, no matter who we are.

This is the breath that resurrected Jesus and the breath that made Meishu-sama be born anew. This is the breath of God’s eternal life and of resurrection.

This reviving breath is blown into each one of our bodily cells through the name of Messiah. It is blown into all humanity and its paternal and maternal ancestors. It is blown into all creation including all the elements and particles.

We are now in the second phase of creation and are being used in its divine work—the work that revives all creation and thus makes all humanity be born anew, the work that God carries out through His reviving breath.

Let us return to heaven together with everyone and everything and receive this reviving breath. Let us communicate to God through our outgoing and incoming breath in our daily lives. And let us serve in the work that brings true salvation to all humanity and the entire earth.

As holy members of God’s Church that bears the name of Messiah, let us welcome the Grand Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah that is to be held on June 15 with the gratitude and joy of being able to serve in this work that has never been done before in human history!

Thank you very much.

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