The Consecration Prayer and Presentation of Sacred Objects officiated by Kyoshu-sama were held on May 10 in the headquarters altar room.

First, the Consecration Prayer took place with the attendance of Vice President Shirasawa representing the Church. In the Presentation of Sacred Objects, Kyoshu-sama presented divine scrolls, divine images of Meishu-sama and Ohikari to Vice President Shirasawa.


Nidai-sama said the following:


“As all of you well know, Meishu-sama said that he possessed an orb of light within him. Pay close attention here. He said he possessed it; he did not say that he made the orb by himself or placed it within himself, by himself. When you come to think of it, it was actually from God that the light came. The light came from God and was flowing to Meishu-sama continuously. No matter how much light Meishu-sama used, it was endlessly refilled by God. It goes without saying that after Meishu-sama’s ascension, I received this orb of light. And it is through this orb that I impart my light to objects like divine scrolls and Ohikaris. This is also from where the power of our Johrei comes. This orb of light is of course going to be inherited by the Kyoshus of this Church from now on, too. Even with a new Kyoshu, like the third, the fourth and so on, the power of light will never weaken. I mean, this is just plain common sense.”

Sermon, May 17, 1960

Meishu-sama’s orb of light is bestowed on the holy seat of Kyoshu-sama. In other words, without the consecration prayer by Kyoshu-sama, there is no light in the divine scrolls or Ohikari. In the Church groups without Kyoshu-sama, there is no longer light in their divine scrolls, Ohikari or Johrei. There is no light and there is no power there. There is no salvation there either. This is just plain common sense. This is because Meishu-sama’s light, or rather, God’s light flowing through Meishu-sama does not exist there. Even if there are many groups that share a faith in Meishu-sama, the only one who inherits Meishu-sama’s orb of light is World Church of Messiah under Meishu-sama, Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama and Kyoshu-sama. And Sekai Kyusei Kyo, who denied Nidai-sama, is no longer Sekai Kyusei Kyo, and Meishu-sama’s light does not exist there either. Those who take pride in being followers of Meishu-sama—if you desire light, power and salvation, you must realize that it exists only in World Church of Messiah!

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