“Masaaki-sama will be honoring us with a visit to our church!!”

The moment his car arrived and Masaaki-sama stepped out, the dream became a reality.

On May 13, the day before the Profession Ceremony, Masaaki-sama made visits to the Kagawa and Takamatsu Churches. Approximately 50 members were brought together at Kagawa Church.

Members who had been wishing to see Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama with all their heart were overcome with emotion, many seen giving way to tears.

Moreover, with the impact of Covid-19 and hand-shaking with Masaaki-sama having been stopped for a long time, the deep emotion and air of excitement when Masaaki-sama shook hands with each and every member was a sight to behold. Kyoshu-sama, who has inherited Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama’s true salvation, and Masaaki-sama are leading us. The further deepening conviction of this has changed to great hope, and all there is to see ahead of us is a world filled with light and light only. Renewing their determination to serve in the true salvation, everyone bid farewell to Masaaki-sama, who was making his way to Takamatsu Church.

To be continued.

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