On May 13, after his visit to Kagawa Church, Masaaki-sama made his way to Takamatsu Church. About 30 members gathered, and like the members at Kagawa Church, it felt like a dream. They wondered if the moment would really come, their expressions filled with nervousness. However, the moment they saw Masaaki-sama arrive with their own eyes, their expressions instantly changed to joy and warm applause reverberated.

A close-knit atmosphere where one could almost feel each breath. The overflowing warmth and passion of each and every sacred word spoken by Masaaki-sama. At the end, an overwhelmingly joyful scene emerged as Masaaki-sama shook hands with each and every member, many of whom had tears falling from their eyes. This precious, unforgettable moment with Masaaki-sama must have been deeply engraved into the hearts of members and has surely become a source of great strength and hope.

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