On May 14, at Kagawa Church that was filled with an air of excitement and emotion after receiving a visit from Masaaki-sama the day before, a Profession Ceremony took place under the presence of Masaaki-sama, representing Kyoshu-sama.

The first time Masaaki-sama offered the Opening Prayer for the Profession Ceremony. In his dignified voice and figure, I, the reporter, certainly saw Meishu-sama. The precious Ohikari that were consecrated and presented by Kyoshu-sama, who is the only one who inherits and carries out Meishu-sama’s sacred work. As I watched Masaaki-sama bestow that Ohikari to each and every new member, I was strongly convinced that there is a single, solid path of salvation that continues uninterrupted from Jesus Christ. And now, reflecting on the Sacred Word that Jesus has resurrected even within myself, I tremble with the utmost awe and gratitude for being included in a part of this path of great salvation.

As holy members of World Church of Messiah, we unite as one, and we serve single-mindedly toward the construction of the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah that has been entrusted to us at this moment under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama. 

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