Construct heaven.
We construct heaven.
World Church of Messiah constructs heaven.

The faith of World Church of Messiah is a faith in the world of day. It is a religion that constructs heaven. Until today, no religion has advocated the construction of heaven. It is true that some have said that heaven will come, but none have said that it will construct one, for the time was not yet ripe. But finally, the world is becoming the world of day, so we need to construct heaven. Now, in order to construct heaven, the very first thing you need to think about is you yourself. You yourself have to turn into heaven. However, you cannot turn your surroundings or family circumstances into heaven straightaway, right? So, your focus should be your heart. Turn your heart into heaven. If you do that, your family will turn into heaven, then your nation, then the world. That is why, first and foremost, you have to turn your heart into heaven.

Sermon, February 25, 1952, from A Collection of Teachings, no. 7   


We say that we must turn our hearts into heaven, right? Don’t misunderstand this as a kind of commandment and think that you are no good when your heart is not always heavenly. I mean, your heart is always in motion, isn’t it? Many feelings come to your heart, don’t they?

So how should we interpret the phrase “turn your heart into heaven”? I tell you this: our hearts are already serving in the work of heaven.

What is the work of heaven? It is to forgive, save and welcome all.

That is why our hearts are always preoccupied with many thoughts. Since our hearts have already turned into heaven, since there is heaven within us, various thoughts come to our hearts, to each one of our hearts. Through making us serve in the work of heaven, God is trying to forgive, save and welcome everyone and everything, including each one of us, into His heart.

Meeting with Members, May 13, 2017


While we say this “work in concert with Christianity,” it is by no means a way of flattering or behaving modestly toward Christians. I don’t think that’s it. The ones who will lead in the salvation of humanity, will, to the end, be us.

We, all of humanity, are always enveloped in various feelings like hurt, worry, anger and suffering within our daily lives, aren’t we?

In that kind of situation, Christians look to heaven and pray to Lord Jesus. “Heaven, please come to me; love, please be present; salvation, please come; please, show me light; please comfort me.” If the situation betters, they become happy. If it worsens, they become unhappy. As the cycle of ups and downs continues, they pray that one day they may go to heaven.

However, we are different. We believe that heaven, that light, that peace of mind, have already come. They have come and they are within us.

God’s light exists within us, and because it is shining brilliantly on our hearts, something like shadows form. When there is light, shadows are formed. That is because the light of God’s salvation has reached us.

And so, when we meet those shadows, never think, “Not another shadow! Please take it away.” Rather, think, “Ah, because heaven exists within me and light exists within me, God is showing me this shadow,” “I came to save this,” or “Together, let’s return to heaven, the world of light.” We can say these things. This is a major difference. . . .

To the people of the world, we can say: “All of you may be waiting for heaven, but actually, it already exists within you. Heaven exists. Comfort also exists. Light exists. Because they exist within us, various thoughts and feelings arise in order for us to save those various thoughts and feelings.” I think this salvation is not explained anywhere. And I believe that all of humanity is waiting for this salvation. Christians are also waiting for this salvation.

And so, when Meishu-sama says “work in concert with Christianity,” I don’t know how God will proceed with that, but instead of waiting, we will construct heaven, we will construct a world of light. This is the mission assigned to us to carry out.

Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service, December 23, 2019

Published in Glory, no. 30, July 1, 2022

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