Christians participate in the Service for the Births of Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ

In mid-November 2022, at World Church of Messiah Angola, it was decided that members were going to distribute the Church leaflet all over Angola. This decision came from the passion and great joy of the members who wanted to respond in some way to the heart of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama who granted the permission to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together at the Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service of that year.

On Friday, November 18, a total of 65 members headed to the municipality of Nambuangongo, located in the province of Bengo, four hours by bus from the capital, Luanda, where they would sleep over and distribute the Church leaflet.

On the night of the 18th, the group of members spent the night at an elementary school in that municipality. In Angola, there are no accommodation facilities like hotels in small municipalities in rural areas, so they often ask schools to let them spend the night in their facilities. This time, an interesting thing occurred at the school.

The representative of the members went to meet the school director to ask him if they could spend the night at the school. At that point, it became clear that the director was actually a member of Sekai Kyusei Kyo Angola before the split. The director was aware of the current purification of the Church and deep inside, he had been feeling that there was something not right about the Church without a legitimate successor of Meishu-sama. So, the director asked the representative of the members, “Are you from Sekai Kyusei Kyo or from World Church of Messiah?” When the representative answered that they are from World Church of Messiah, which walks with Kyoshu-sama, the director replied that if that was the case, there would be no problem for them to spend the night at the school, and allowed the group to stay free of charge. Since then, the director, who had been drifting away from the Church, has been expressing his wish to walk together with World Church of Messiah.

On the following day, November 19, the 65 members, together with two members who live in that town, visited 100 homes, where they distributed 2,600 copies of the Church leaflet.

In the evening, the members were resting at the school where they were staying. It was then that 60 Christians came to meet them singing and dancing, saying that the content of the leaflet was wonderful, that it resonated with them.

Upon hearing more details, they found out that the pastor of those members from the local Christian church told them, “What is written in this pamphlet is wonderful, so go to the people who distributed it and thank them.”

The following day, the 20th, was the day of the Sunday service at World Church of Messiah Angola. The members who had distributed the Church leaflet the day before gathered to pray at the plot of land on which a church of World Church of Messiah was going to be built in the future. To the surprise of the members, the Christians who came to the school the day before showed up at that moment. In addition, more Christians from a nearby church that heard about what happened the day before also showed up. In total, 130 Christians gathered!

It was a place with just a simple roof installed, but the Words of Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer were offered. Afterwards, a television set was prepared, and the members, together with the Christians, watched Masaaki-sama’s Message No. 15 “Africa. Ah, Africa!”

After the video, a pastor who was present conveyed, in his words of greeting, that until today there had been a lot of conflict between religions, but that such an era was over and that he wanted to cooperate with the construction of the church of World Church of Messiah. Furthermore, he stated that they would like to participate in the Service for the Births of Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ that would be held in Luanda and that he would need a letter of invitation to request permission from his superiors.

Upon issuing this letter of invitation, 28 members from three Christian churches (2 pastors and 26 members) attended the service, and they were introduced by President Afonso during the service.

Currently, our Church in Angola is still keeping in touch with these Christian members.

Save humanity by working in concert with Christianity, and fight for peace together with Christians and establish eternal peace—Ah, how joyful it is that this very will of Meishu-sama is materializing in Africa!

The actions of God are far beyond our understanding, but with the strong belief that God will certainly open the way for us, let us proudly spread this gospel of salvation with the determination that we will not fall behind Africa and that we will never give up!

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