You, O Meishu-sama,

Pronounced a great blessing of

The Transition from Night to Day!


O God,

You forgave our sin of rebelling against Your will.

This way, You have opened up the rock gate of our hearts!


What is the Transition from Night to Day?

It is the forgiveness of God

Who loves us deeply with His compassion.


All of us have been forgiven.

We were forgiven two thousand years ago

Through the blood that was spilled.


O Lord God,

You first resurrected Jesus

And then sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost!


The light and power

That the Holy Spirit emits

Are Your forgiveness and resurrection, O God!


The Holy Spirit penetrated all dimensions

And transformed both the heaven and the earth

Into something new!


In the kingdom of God,


Together with Meishu-sama,

Received the Holy Spirit sent on Pentecost!


In the kingdom of God,

Meishu-sama received the Holy Spirit.

And he received it once more and newly

On this earth, too!


The Transition from Night to Day

That Meishu-sama received

Was the result of the Holy Spirit sent on Pentecost.



Let us receive the Holy Spirit once more

Together with the golden blood

And return to the kingdom of God!

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