On June 11, the Shinsei Region Youth Gathering took place at Sodegaura Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture for a second year in a row, with approximately 100 youth members and members with family as well as SEMES trainees participating. After reciting Words of Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer and then receiving a greeting from the Executive Director Higashi, a seine fishing experience, barbeque, recreational activities and a volunteer cleaning took place. At the end, everyone sang a World Church of Messiah original song “You Become Me” and the song “God and God Alone.” And after a closing message from Executive Director Higashi, everyone finished with Words of Prayer.

During the seine fishing, barracuda, ponyfish and suchlike were caught in the dragnets, and the children smiled, their eyes twinkling, as they came in contact with them. Afterwards, the freshly caught fish were barbequed, and joyous shouts of “Yummy!” were heard when the fish reached their mouths. In spite of the off and on flicker of rain, the children and youth members enjoyed their time considerably, deepening an exchange that crossed church borders.

Anything we do now is possible only because we are under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama. It is allowed because we are enveloped in the prayers of Kyoshu-sama.

Seeing the children and youth in high spirits, I once again offered my gratitude to God that all members of World Church of Messiah under Kyoshu-sama are being allowed to move forward on this path of true faith together.

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