A music camp for The Messiah Choir Youth Division was held from May 27 to 28 in Kobe City of Hyogo Prefecture, where approximately 40 youth choir members gathered from all over the country.

At the beginning of the music camp, a special message from Masaaki-sama was shared. The moment I, the reporter, listened to the message, my heart was struck like the sound of bells ringing in the blue sky. To receive the blood of atonement of Jesus, rise up to heaven and sing—this is the unique salvation through music that can only be carried out by The Messiah Choir! Masaaki-sama said that there is art, love, sincerity, comfort, salvation, joy and happiness in heaven, but not on earth. And that this is the decisive difference between us and the rest of the people in the world. It made me realize that only when I rise up to heaven can I heal people’s hearts through music in the truest sense. How great is the mission of The Messiah Choir! With a firm determination and a resolute expression, the choir members took part in the practice that followed.

At the discussion session that was held after, the participants discussed topics such as which songs they like the most among the songs of World Church of Messiah whose lyrics were composed or translated by Kyoshu-sama or Masaaki-sama and about inviting more and more young members and friends to the activities of The Messiah Choir. They lost track of the time as they exchanged their thoughts and feelings with each other.

On May 28, the day of Pentecost, all participants sang “God and God Alone,” “A New World,” and “Hallelujah” chorus from the Messiah at the final presentation. In the singing voices and in the atmosphere of the place, it was possible to feel the spirit of the message that everyone received from Masaaki-sama, that is, the joy and determination of being a member of The Messiah Choir who belongs to heaven. Even I, the reporter, felt a warmth in my heart.

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