On May 27, 2023, World Church of Messiah (Headquarters: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture; President: Keiichiro Narii) received for the second consecutive year the Dark Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor awarded by the Emperor of Japan, for the disaster relief donation of 20 million yen (approximately US$150,000 at the time) in August of last year to Atami City for the mudslide that occurred in the Izusan area in July 2021.

On Tuesday, July 18, a ceremony was held at the Atami City Hall, where President Keiichiro Narii received a certificate of commendation from Mayor Sakae Saito.

In 2021, World Church of Messiah donated 30 million yen (approximately US$273,000 at the time) to support those who were affected by the disaster. In December of last year, The Messiah Choir, the choir of World Church of Messiah, held a charity concert and the proceeds were donated along with an additional disaster relief donation of 1 million yen (approximately US$7,500 at the time). The Church has donated a total of over 50 million yen (approximately US$423,000 in total) to Atami City to support the post-disaster recovery.

Atami is the place where our founder, Mokichi Okada, dearly loved and spent his final years. World Church of Messiah under the leadership of the founder’s grandson, Yoichi Okada Yondai Kyoshu-sama, will continue to contribute to the development of Atami. We pray for the further reconstruction and restoration of Atami from the severe damages of the mudslide. We pray that the souls of those who fell victim may rest in peace, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to all those who have been affected.


Message from Mr. Sakae Saito, Mayor of Atami City:

“The Izusan mudslide disaster on July 3, 2021, was an unprecedented disaster for Atami City. Right after the disaster occurred, we received a large donation from your Church. We were able to properly distribute the donation in accordance with the rules in order to rebuild the lives of those who were affected, and I believe it served as a great pillar of economic support for them.

Furthermore, we newly received a generous contribution from your Church in the form of disaster relief donation. We will use this donation with great care for the reconstruction and restoration of the Izusan area.”


About the Dark Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor

The Dark Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor is awarded to individuals or organizations that have donated private funds to the national government, local governments or public interest groups for the good of the public.

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