“Members of World Church of Messiah, have you all already turned into God-humans?”


Oh, what a sight it is! Black ominous clouds cover the whole world, and the roaring tempest is nearing. But lo and behold! In the corner of the sky, a light shines, and God-humans are quietly descending, riding on clouds of glory! Wouldn’t you be happy if I told you that they are all followers of World Church of Messiah?

March 7, 1951

How pitiful it is that even though we are born as humans—existences that are truly precious—we should end our days on earth by becoming so low an existence as animals. It must indeed be an eternal truth that humans become animals when they fall and become gods when they rise, that is, a human being is “a living being that exists midway between God and animal.” In this sense, I believe that a truly civilized person is one who has freed themselves from their animality and that culture will progress only when animalized humans are turned into divine ones. To sum this up, the place where divine humans gather—this is what I call a paradise on earth.

“Good and evil”
September 5, 1948

In the first place, what is the universe? Everybody knows that in its infinite space, the sun, the moon, the earth and the stars exist. Actually, this planet earth that we live on is the center of the universe and the lord. The sun, the moon and the stars exist for the earth; the earth exists for all the celestial bodies. In order to carry out the plan of God on the earth, human beings were created to act on behalf of God. Needless to say, God prepared all creation for human beings. When you think about this, you can see how grave and important the mission of human beings is. It is to materialize the will of God on this very earth. It is only when you become aware of this mission that you can become a true human being.

“The plan of God”
September 28, 1942


Our idea of human life is limited to life on the earth, isn’t it? Your life begins when you are born to your father and mother, and it ends when you die. You live up to a certain age, and then you eventually die—isn’t this what we think it is to be a human being? Life is limited and hard, but still, we want to find some happiness in it—isn’t this our idea of life?

But look at what Meishu-sama is saying. He is saying to “climb up to heaven first.” He is saying that “each human being also must become a resident of heaven, or rather, the time has come when a human being can become its resident.”

The one who bore us, really, is God. We came from the One who bore us.

Where is our origin? Our origin is where God is. The place where we let out our first cry on this earth is not our origin. We were born from God, and our origin is the world called heaven.

When I say this, you may think that since you came to the earth, you already left heaven, but that’s not true. Even now, you are not separated from heaven. You still possess heaven within you, even now. You possess, within you, God’s spirit, something that is perfect. Our true self is shining brilliantly, even now. Without this true body, we cannot even live now—we cannot even breathe, be joyful or suffer. While we don’t usually think about these things, it’s so mysterious, isn’t it?

To put in another way, a physical body exists because there is a spiritual body, although it sounds like the other way around.

When you think about all this, what does Meishu-sama mean by saying “you must climb up to heaven first and become its resident” or “each human being also must become a resident of heaven”? It means that you have to recall that all of you actually belong to heaven and that you came from heaven originally. He is trying to make us recall or realize this.

When you think about your life or actually, anything for that matter, don’t think on the basis of this material world only but think on the basis that your origin is in heaven.

Membership Meeting: Kyoshu-sama’s Visit to the Members of the Kyoto/Shiga Missionary Area
May 14, 2017


Do you know that Meishu-sama used the expression “unification of God and a human”? Meishu-sama first accomplished the “unification of God and a human” and then became the Messiah later.

God and human united as one. But when you come to think of it, the “human” part is also created by God, right? Whatever is included in a human being has been created by God, right? The existence of a human being and their mind, their thoughts, their physical body, their everything, have been created by God and belong to Him, right?

When Meishu-sama said that he achieved the unification of God and a human, or I might say God-human, he thought like this: “Everything that I believed to belong to humans actually belongs to God!” That is what the “unification of God and a human” is. In that sense, in order to achieve a unification of God and a human, you have to have the most humble attitude a human being can have.

Until today, when we heard that Meishu-sama accomplished the unification of God and a human, we thought that he became a very elevated being. But actually, it was the opposite. He became more and more humble before God. He lowered himself so much before God.

Initially, Meishu-sama thought, “This and this and this belong to me.” But then he began to think, “Oh, actually this belonged to God! And this and this, too!” In the end, he realized that everything belonged to God, and so he returned everything to God. That is what the “unification of God and a human” means. Think: to realize that you own nothing is the most humble attitude you can have toward God, don’t you think? For you assume that nothing is yours.

Compared to Meishu-sama, we are so arrogant, aren’t we? For we are so attached to our human part.

You can be a God-human or a Messiah only when you lower yourself so much before God, when you humble yourself so much before God. In that case, the idea we have had about matters like the “unification of God and a human” or “Messiah” has been completely opposite of what it actually is, hasn’t it?

But I must say that it is different from the “being humble” that we usually talk about in this human world. By this, I mean the humbleness where you try to be humble while being very aware that you are the one who is being humble, holding very tightly onto your human side. In the eyes of God, this is not humble at all. Rather, God sees this as arrogant. For we never let go of our human part.

To be humble before God means you acknowledge that everything belongs to God and that, at the same time, everything belongs to you. Everything belongs to you. That is why to be really humble before God might appear to be very arrogant in the eyes of humans.

I mean, God even granted the authority to forgive to Meishu-sama precisely because he was so humble before God. To the request, “Please forgive the sins of all humanity,” Meishu-sama nodded, right? That was what happened on June 15, 1954, right? If God did not allow him to do so, Meishu-sama would not even have been able to nod. But since God thought that Meishu-sama was a child who truly walked in accordance with His will, God, I believe, even granted him the authority to forgive.

Well, although it might not be very appropriate to make this kind of comparison, if your children are behaving very well, you want to give them whatever they want, right?

God granted the authority to forgive to Meishu-sama because Meishu-sama was humble, not because Meishu-sama became such an elevated human being.

Now, if the name given to the divine soul that exists within us is Messiah, we also need to be humble before God.

Some people might be thinking, “If all people turned into Messiahs, so many people would be acting like kings. That’s not good.” But that’s not how things go. If anyone really turns into a Messiah, that person will be so humble before God.

To young staff members
April 14, 2016

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