It is only You.

Ah, it is only You, the Creator!

If so,

Even this heart of mine must have been created by You.


You, O God,

Nurture the hearts of all people

In order to give birth to Your children, Messiahs!


I never realized, O God,

That taking possession of my heart

Was the sin that goes against Your will.


Without even noticing it,

I turned into someone

Who lives their life

According to their own criteria

Of likes and dislikes or of good and evil.


In this world, O God,

We are trapped.

We are trapped in our quest

To be valued by others!


Ah, we became separate from You, O God!

For we have completely forgotten

That we served You in Your kingdom of heaven.


Through the work of atonement, O God,

You forgave the sins of all people

And opened up their hearts.


You, O God,

Delivered the hearts covered in darkness

And welcomed them into Your light!


Following in the footsteps of Meishu-sama, O God,

I will admit to my sins right now

And obediently receive Your forgiveness.


I thank You, O God, for Your grace,

For my having been forgiven.

And I return to You my heart

That I came to possess.

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