Bolivia (Part 1)

In September 2022, Berardo Sélum Arce (58 years old) was newly assigned as lead minister at the church in the city of Cobija, where he began distributing the Church leaflet “Who We Are.” He goes door to door, ringing doorbells and handing the leaflets directly to the residents. In addition, with permission, he distributes the leaflets in public squares, banks, schools and prisons. As of June of this year, he has distributed a total of 8,141 leaflets. In the midst of his effort, numerous miracles have been occurring to a member who had been drifting away from the Church.

Mrs. Maria Vaca (76 years old), who lives in Cobija, is a member of World Church of Messiah Bolivia, but she had been drifting away from the Church, with her involvement being limited to just receiving messages from the church social media account.

When Mrs. Maria Vaca went to visit her daughter and her family who live in Santa Cruz, her granddaughter, Ms. Maria Fernanda (24 years old) contracted a severe case of dengue hemorrhagic fever. She took her granddaughter to the hospital, and at that moment, she thought of Lead Minister Berardo and gave him call.

Over the phone, they read aloud together the content of the leaflet, offered the divine names, the Words of Prayer and the World Church of Messiah Lord’s Prayer. The minister promised that he would continue offering the prayer to return to the heaven within, with the feeling of letting things be carried out according to God’s will, and he asked Mrs. Maria Vaca to do the same.

After that, Lead Minister Berardo started to receive many messages one after another from Mrs. Maria Vaca regarding her granddaughter’s condition. On the second day of her hospitalization, Ms. Maria Fernanda began having heavy bleeding and was transferred to the ICU due to the severity of her condition. Then, something mysterious happened.

On the third night of her hospitalization, at around 2 a.m., Ms. Maria Fernanda dreamed that a person dressed in white was standing beside her. She tried to see who it was, but she could not. The next morning, when she woke up, she was perspiring profusely, and her symptoms of dengue fever had miraculously vanished.

After witnessing this miracle, Mrs. Maria Vaca was so moved that when she returned to Cobija, she went to church right away, offered her prayer of gratitude and made a donation. With this incident, she, who until then had been drifting away from the church, returned to participate in church activities and is even currently working as an assistant to the lead minister of the church.


Bolivia (Part 2)

Mr. Williams Terrazas (43 years old) is a member of the La Paz Church, and he is an art teacher at Dom Bosco School, the oldest Christian school in La Paz. At this school, they were looking for a way to increase the spirituality of the students during Holy Week leading up to Easter. Mr. Williams consulted the lead minister of the La Paz Church, Mrs. Miroslava (53 years old). They came up with a program, which was proposed to and accepted by the school.

From March 20 to 27, 270 elementary and junior high school students between the age of 12 and 14, and 315 high school students between the age of 15 and 17, participated in the program proposed by World Church of Messiah Bolivia.



  1. Orientation (explanation of the program)
  2. Reading of the leaflet “Who We Are”
  3. Prayers (Divine Names, Words of Prayer, World Church of Messiah Lord’s Prayer, Prayer of Ave Maria)
  4. Repentance:
    We will ask God, Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama for help, and we will search for the ugly parts within ourselves and surrender them to God. We will repent from the bottom of our heart to receive the forgiveness of God so that we can be born anew as children of God.
  5. Surrendering to God:
    Inhale and exhale with our eyes closed, surrendering everything we feel to God.

The purpose of this program was to help the students understand more deeply the meaning of Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be specific, it was to understand that through his resurrection and his overcoming death, Jesus gave us the opportunity to repent and live a righteous life that brings joy to God. It was a program that put this into practice based on the Sacred Word of Kyoshu-sama, which has never been seen before in the past. We cannot help but feel the hand of Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama behind this, working together to move salvation forward, transcending time and space. It can also be said that this is the way of education in the new era, where religion and education are intertwined.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Under permission of Kyoshu-sama, World Church of Messiah Democratic Republic of the Congo held the Birth of the Messiah Service: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Grand Ceremony on June 18 at 11 a.m. in the province of Kananga. The service was attended by 537 people, including 51 guests from Christian Churches (Catholic Church, New Apostolic Church and Evangelical Assembly Church). During the service, the video of Masaaki-sama’s Message No. 17 with the title “We follow Meishu-sama, not a human being” was shown. After the service, 13 choir members from the New Apostolic Church performed Christian hymns.

The Christians who attended the service left the following comment: “Due to the experiences and interactions we had with Sekai Kyusei Kyo in the past, we believed that the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama did not mention or recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and that Meishu-sama’s followers were against Jesus Christ. However, we were deeply moved today to hear about the relationship between Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama.” They also mentioned that it was especially a great joy for them to hear that salvation does not exist in virtues or good deeds in this physical word and true salvation exists in the name of Messiah; that the sins of humankind have already been forgiven through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ; and that Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ are serving God in union at this very moment and we, as their disciples, must work hand in hand for the establishment of world peace.

Among the Christians that attended the service, four of them have already been coming to the church of World Church of Messiah. One of them is a pastor of the New Apostolic Church and the other three are members of the Catholic Church. By participating in meetings where they learn about the Sacred Word of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama together with the lead minister of the church, they say that it has become easier for them to understand the message that Jesus Christ wanted to convey.

With the attendance of the Christians at the Birth of the Messiah Service, the members of World Church of Messiah Democratic Republic of the Congo were able to reaffirm the greatness of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, and they are determined to commit themselves even more to the study of the Sacred Word and to spread to as many people as possible the true gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama.

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