It has been decided that Masaaki-sama, as Kyoshu-sama’s representative, will be making overseas missionary visits this year at the beginning of November. 

In each of the two countries, Bolivia and Brazil, the Grand Ancestor Service with Masaaki-sama’s presence is scheduled to take place along with special visits to local churches. 

This time’s overseas missionary visits by Masaaki-sama will be the first scheduled since 2020 when visits to Bolivia and Australia were cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19. Since Kyoshu-sama’s missionary visit to Europe in November of 2019, it has indeed been four years since a visit was last realized. 

Finally, the construction of sacred grounds in Japan and Africa, and the overseas missionary visits by Masaaki-sama will begin. 

Of course, a time when the appearance of this historic, never-before-seen salvation will be clear to anyone’s eyes, is nearing, and in these times, Masaaki-sama will once again be making a missionary visit to Christian countries. This can be surmised to be the beginning of God’s plan for Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama’s salvation of humanity that transcends space and time. 

We would love for all the members to look forward to this, and at the same time, as Masaaki-sama will be travelling to make his missionary visits, let us become one with his heart and take on a role!

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